Recycled Magazine Coasters

The first project to make it to the blog is my recycled magazine coasters, which I actually made for the first time probably around 10 years ago (pretty much how long they have lasted). I had a request to make some more and I had to search around a bit to find the link. This blog is what this is really for, so that I can revisit links and books so that I can recreate and revisit past projects easily.

These instructions are really easy to follow on this site. I am still old school and like to purchase a paper magazine from time to time, so I love that I can then channel recycling them into a new object. I am actually wondering what other materials around the house I can turn into new objects. The research begins.

Recycled magazine coasters
Recycled magazine coasters made in 2020 by Anna Williams

I found instructions in this Recycled Magazine Coasters blog article, written by Jessica Jones (@howaboutorange). I really find them therapeutic to make. Will definitely explore for different design inspiration.